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Planet Popcorn – Out of This World Flavours, Now in Australia

Encapsulating East meets West fun-ness, Planet Popcorn fuses flavours you’d never have imagined into filling snacks ordered right to your doorstep - anywhere in Australia! We’ve combined ingredients with distinctive historical significance for some truly out of this world noshing. First domesticated in Mexico, 9000 years ago - popcorn is one of the oldest forms of corn. We’ve now taken the traditional and added our own twist of inter-planetary flavours to create snacks that you will love. Even better, we’ve made it possible for you to buy popcorn online! Delicious and convenient – this little package has it all. Hailing from Taiwan, Planet Popcorn has taken Asia by storm with our eclectic flavours and we have finally crossed the seas to your shores. Pop by one of our kiosks to grab a bag of light and crunchy goodness that will knock you off your feet. You can also visit our online store to buy popcorn for friends, family or yourself (come on, you deserve a little treat) and we’ll deliver straight to your door!

Popcorn Flavours

Looking for snack alternative for mid-day peckish-ness? Our non GMO popcorn flavours are big personalities and they aren’t afraid to tantalise and titillate your senses. Get ready to have your world rocked! Meet our exciting flavours:
These familiar faces will satisfy any craving, but can you handle the intensity? Dare your taste buds to try something different. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Buy Popcorn Online

We’re popping up all over Australia, bringing a funky twist to an age old snack. Visit one of our kiosks or order our fabulous flavours straight to your door. Our flavoured popcorn is sure to awaken your senses and satisfy your cravings.
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Pop The Question - Planet Popcorn FAQs
Just Pop The Question! Buy Popcorn Online?
Have questions about our fun and funky flavoured popcorn? Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions:
What are the temperature storage requirements?
We recommend that all you popcorn lovers out there store our double chocolate popcorn in the fridge for the best flavour.Our other flavours can be stored in cool spaces and out of direct sunlight.
Which flavours are suitable for vegetarians?

Our Original and corn soup flavours are most suited to vegetarians.

Why is your popcorn so special?
Planet Popcorn not only offers you delicious snacking alternatives that will blow your mind. You can also enjoy popcorn that is all handmade by us using GMO free popcorn without preservatives and no trans-fat.
Where can I purchase your products?
Pop into one of our kiosks or order online for delivery right to your doorstep!